Centerpiece Ideas for Wedding Receptions-Applying your Personal Style for your Wedding

Wedding Cupcake Centerpiece
photo from ensie1

A wedding centerpiece is not just a mere decoration in your wedding reception. It also helps set the atmosphere of the party. When looking for centerpiece ideas for wedding receptions, don’t think about the most expensive centerpiece items to make your reception successful, instead focus on what your personal style is.

The best centerpiece ideas for wedding receptions can vary. These can either be handpicked or handmade. The most overused centerpieces are flower arrangements and candles. However, there are more alternatives to these centerpieces, here are some unique ideas:

  • Fresh fruits or vegetables – depending on the wedding theme, a perfect centerpiece to accentuate a summer wedding is to use a basketful of fresh fruits, vegetables or fruits and vegetables. The good thing about using this type of centerpiece is that you can do it on your own. Just pick a basket where you can place the arrangement and decorate it according to your wedding theme. Just make sure not to make the arrangement too large to a point where guests across the same table can’t see each other.
  • Wedding favors – one of the ingenious centerpiece ideas for wedding receptions you can use is to place the wedding favors as the centerpiece for each table. Depending on the favor, arrange it neatly on each table corresponding to the number of guests per seating arrangement. For example, if you have gift boxes, arrange these strategically on the center without stacking it too high that it can hamper a guest’s vision.
  • Photo centerpiece – use something unusual and give guests something to talk about with photo centerpieces. Choose your most memorable photos before your engagement and leave guests to come up with the story behind the pictures. At least you’re assured that there won’t be any uncomfortable silence between the guests.
  • Seasonal centerpiece – whether your wedding is on winter, spring, summer, or fall, you can utilize the concept of the season to come up with the perfect centerpiece ideas for wedding receptions. Take for example a winter wedding, you can utilize icicles and crystals that sparkle when hit by light. If you’re wedding is nearing the Christmas season, you can use a miniature Christmas tree complete with decorations or bake your own gingerbread house. If your wedding is on summer, then use a profusion of flowers and miniature plants as a centerpiece.

When you think of centerpiece ideas for wedding receptions you can use, don’t depend too much on what you saw in your friends’ weddings or what you saw on TV. Use your imagination and come up with innovative centerpieces that will really make your day extra special.

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